The Masada Stones
For his entire life, archeologist Aaron Skorsky has searched for the truth about Masada. The first century Hebrew rebellion against Roman rule had been crushed and the main temple in Jerusalem destroyed, but as historian Josephus noted, a band of about 1000 zealots stood firm against the Roman General, Silva, at king Herod's abandoned fortress in the desert near the Dead Sea.
Nearly 2000 years later the secret that lay buried in obscurity is about to be revealed. A revelation of what happened on the ancient fortress comes to light and facts emerge about an ancient alchemy that threatens the fragile peace between Arabs and Jews.
The Israeli government desires to know the truth, but for their own selfish reasons. Their goal is to seek out an ancient alchemy derived from mystical stones buried somewhere near the site and to use it for national defense. Palestinian terrorists also want to know the truth about Masada and the stones. They fear that if the source of an ancient power is available to the Israelis, they may use it to dominate the region.
In a three way tug of war, and with the fate of the Middle East in play, Aaron Skorsky knows that he may have opened a Pandora's box of death and destruction.As the thrill ride builds, the mystery is revealed in bits and peices until at the climax, Skorsky comes to understand that some things are better left alone and buried deep in the sands of time.
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